Game Type: Lineage II Classic
Promotion Duration: Until further notice

The new item Blessing of Protection Scroll is being added to the L2 Coin store until further notice! Please note that the ever-changing server situation can result in this item being adjusted as necessary, or removed completely. See the full details below.

L2 Store Details

Item Name

L2 Coin Price


Blessing of Protection Scroll

20 L2 Coin

Level 85 or below

Blessing of Protection Scroll

100 Adena

· Level 85 or below

· 1 per Character per week

*All items are imprinted


Blessing of Protection Scroll Details

Characters level 85 or less can use the Blessing of Protection Scroll to receive the following effects:

Skill Name


Blessing of Protection Scroll

The following effects are applied when used

<Use Effect>

XP/SP Gain +10%

Keeps you safe from an attack by a purple/chaotic character if you are below level 85.


If you attack the character or cast a skill, the Blessing of Protection will be lifted.

Characters below level 70 can obtain the Blessing of Protection effect through a Gatekeeper.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cooldown: 1 minute

*The Blessing of Protection received through the Gatekeeper is different from the above skill.