Game Type: Lineage II
Event Duration: April 02- April 16

It's time for massive character growth! The Character Growth event is here! During the event period, all characters on Chronos and Naia servers will receive the Archangel's Advent - Eratone buff! This boost to your XP and SP will surely help your character grow and reach new levels of power! Make sure to log in and play as much as you can before the event ends! See full details below. 

Event Summary

During the event period, the level difference between parties/alliance members on servers will be removed.

  • Removed Party Level Difference Penalty
  • Archangel's Advent - Eratone Buff Applied
  • Excludes Dimensional Servers

Server Buff Settings



Chronos & Naia


Buff Skill Information

Buff Name

Buff Description

Archangel's Advent - Eratone

Receive a blessing with the advent of Archangel Eratone.
Increases XP/SP by 50%.