Welcome to Your All-In-One Game Hub

Event Duration:
March 12 – March 26 (2 weeks)
Game Type: Live, Classic, Aden

Hello Lineage II players and welcome to the all-new PURPLE Lounge!

For those who are not familiar with Purple Lounge, it is THE place to get every bit of information on the games you play, and more! Find event details, promotions, maintenance notes, and related entertaining content!

To celebrate the launch, we are giving out in-game items to those who visit Lounge for the first time! Please check below for more information.

How to Participate

1. Log-in to PURPLE launcher or the PURPLE mobile app.

2. Navigate to the green Lounge Tab. 

3. Have a look around! Explore all that Lounge has to offer.


Mobile App

4. Locate the hidden “Promise to Visit Daily” button to register your visit to Lounge.

5. That’s it! Thanks for checking out PURPLE Lounge. Rewards will be delivered to you shortly after the event ends.

Event Rewards



Lineage II: Live

Rune Stone (x8)

Lineage II: Classic

Dragon's Special Elixir Lv. 3 (x100)

Lineage II: Aden

XP Boost Scroll (x100)

*Rewards will be delivered after the end of the event.

For full details, check out the web Event Page: https://lounge.ncpurple.com/feed/5079